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Available at a reasonable $995 per event, our VIRTUAL EXHIBITOR BOOTH PACKAGE is like having your own digital recruitment storefront. This customized, vibrant virtual booth brings job seekers and recruiters together, offering real-time text and video chat, unlimited job postings, and access to a rich database of job seeker resumes. One unique feature is our automated real-time candidate-to-job posting matching algorithm, making the process of connecting recruiters to the right candidate faster and more efficient. This package is designed to capture thousands of job seekers, especially those active on social media.



With our PRIVATE VIRTUAL CAREER FAIR PACKAGE, priced at $1,495 per month, we can create a tailored virtual event designed to attract exponentially more job seekers who specifically meet your candidate qualifications. It’s like having your own exclusive career fair which offers features like a customized virtual event splash page, targeted social media promotions, and iHeart Streaming Media Promotion. This package provides an extended virtual event duration of up to 30 days, ensuring you capture the best talent for your organization.


Career Town Network’s AI RECRUITER offers sourcing at its best. This tool automatically identifies and engages with candidates that are most likely to be a good fit for your organization, bringing them directly to your private virtual hiring event. The pricing details are available in our subscriber packages. Imagine having a recruiter that never sleeps, constantly connecting you with potential hires!


Our VIRTUAL CAREER FAIR SUBSCRIBER PACKAGE, available for $4,999 for a quarterly package, $6,999 bi-annual package, and $12,499 for an annual package, offers an unmatched array of all our services to ensure your company attracts the best talent.

But how does it stack up against the network known for its dominance in the realm of recruiting: LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn offers only one recruiter per subscription, our subscriber packages offer unlimited recruiter access. Unlike LinkedIn’s limited job postings, we offer unlimited postings. We also provide features LinkedIn lacks, such as a virtual exhibitor booth, in-person career fairs, private virtual career fairs, and social media searches across various platforms. Unlike LinkedIn, our package includes a remarkable AI-powered candidate sourcing feature, automatically pairing you with candidates who fit your criteria. As a cherry on top, our annual package offers 3600 AI candidate downloads per year, doubling LinkedIn’s 1800 in-mail messages. Our VIRTUAL CAREER FAIR SUBSCRIBER PACKAGE offers the ideal blend of volume, efficiency, and effectiveness in talent sourcing.

Whether you are a small business or a multinational company, our carefully curated packages are designed to bring your recruitment process to the digital age. With Career Town Network, you’ll find recruitment simplified, effective, and worthwhile. Choose us to start your digital recruitment journey today!